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Our Story

Sleeping Dog Attire, an Amazon Affiliate Website established in 2023, is dedicated to bringing you the latest trends in stylish and high-quality pet apparel and accessories. Our vision is centered around ensuring every pet feels comfortable and looks their best without compromising on quality.

Over the past year, we’ve listed trusted manufacturers with an exclusive collection available through Amazon. Our carefully selected products utilize premium materials and incorporate the latest design sensibilities to cater to pets with diverse styles.

Product Philosophy

Sleeping Dog Attire prioritizes the comfort of your pets in every product we recommend. We focus on featuring items made from soft fabrics such as cotton and fleece, ensuring they feel gentle on your pet’s skin. Our product recommendations come in various sizes to guarantee a proper fit for your furry friends.

We take into account the activities and personalities of pets, crafting styles that resonate with their unique needs. All products recommended are rigorously tested to ensure the carefree enjoyment of your pets. Dog Grooming Apparel, Dog Car Seat Carriers, Dog Ear Cleaner Wipes, and Dog Memorial Gifts are the most loved and high-demand products in our curated selection, offering a comprehensive range to meet your pets’ diverse needs.

Commitment to Quality

While we don’t sell or manufacture the products ourselves, we still maintain a commitment to quality. We conduct thorough evaluations through multiple checkpoints before featuring products on our platform.

We value customer reviews and feedback, using them to improve our recommendations continually. Additionally, our affiliate partners, from whom we derive our product recommendations, are chosen based on their certification for ethical practices and adherence to environmental standards.

Values of Community

Pets bring us joy, and we strive to support communities that care for homeless animals. We donate a portion of annual profits to shelter funds.

Online and offline, we’re building a friendly community for pet parents to connect, discover new products, and share experiences. Together, our pets will always feel loved.

Explore our extensive range, including Cat & Dog multivitamins, Dog Vitamin Supplements, Pet Sweaters, and Extra Small Dog Toys, to ensure your pets have access to the best products that enhance their well-being.